Domination – one small step at a time

One of our more recent projects that we worked us was to assist a local plumbing company to increase it’s reach, dramatically. They’d spoken to a few other agencies who’d recommended that they go balls to the wall with massive upfront expenditure and head on with some already very established competitors.

But we had a better game plan. Lie low and sneak up on those unwitting competitors, build a solid foundation and strike that killer blow when they are least suspecting.

In marketing terms we recommended that they target people searching for Dublin plumber by breaking it down into very small, easy to win battles.

Our immediate focus was on areas where conversions would be most likely. Given that our client was based in the southside of Dublin we focused straight away for people who need a plumber in south Dublin. Think about it if you’re in Dun Laoghaire or Dundrum and you’re boiler has just packed in or your water pump is leaking everywhere – you are going to be more likely to search for a plumbing contractor nearby – not someone at the other side of the city. We broke the southside down into locations and through our online advertising, and retargetting we focused on very local searchers such as ‘Plumber Blackrock’ etc.

See the map we created below to help them dominate their area:

The result – our client is seeing a steady growth in business month after month. His phone is ringing and he’s getting the work. He cleaning up where other plumbers are even looking!

Long may it continue for him!

And that’s the crux of it – oftentimes business owners come to us after having already spoke with other agencies or marketing professionals. They’ve been convinced that they need to go after the highest volume keywords or the highest value clients. But the reality is that business owners don’t care really how their business performs online. They just care about success, and success comes from sales. Nine times out of ten going for the easy wins very quickly stacks up to massive success.



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