The Changing Face of SEO

Wow lets hope 2014 doesn’t see as much turbulence in the world of SEO as 2013 did. What a shake up. I’ve witnessed many companies drop of the face of the search engines for SEO Dublin and many other major super important terms to the better than average joe ‘the internet marketer’ bloggs.

So what’s happening? ┬áIs SEO dead?

search engine optimizationFar from it! I’ve described the ying, time to bring on the yang!! If you know what you’re doing, and if what you’re doing is top quality SEO then 2014 could be the year you really clean up. Not only is there major gaps in the market. There are also many hugely desperate businesses out there who are not just sore in the face after that slap from the big G but also sore in the wallet. Be their hero and charge for the privilege.

So here are my top SEO tips going forward;

– less is more, quality over quantity

– make sure you always stay in control

– embrace social

– be patient.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.